For more than 40 years, Royal Way has dedicated itself to providing individuals with the space, guidance, and tools necessary for the pursuit of happiness, spiritual health, and self-discovery. As our name suggests, Royal Way is more about the journey than the destination. Meaning lies within the journey; it’s the transformative experience where your essential self is revealed, where you find divinity within yourself, where you achieve higher purpose.


Founder, Royal Way

Michael Menahem Gottlieb’s life epitomized the spiritual journey. At the young age of 22, Michael became an ordained rabbi. Two years later, he was elected head of an orthodox congregation in New York and, at 30, was appointed Dean of Chaim Joseph Rabbinical Seminary. For 14 years, Michael studied and taught the word of God according to the Torah and Talmud. 

"The Internet"
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The Tenets

Royal Way was established as an instrument for bringing modern man and woman to the experience of God . . . not blind faith, not a philosophical knowing, not a theological knowing, but an experiential knowing. The mind cannot know God, even when it wants to. It can think about God. It can talk about God. Only the heart can know God . . . the heart cannot talk about it.

God is a mystery. We can never explain the mystery. We can experience the mystery. Once we experience it, our knowing of God is at such depth and such fulfillment that nothing else equals it.

All humans contain a divine seed, which awaits growth and development. The main function of a human life is to evolve toward, to reach for, to fulfill our greatest potential. Remaining less than our potential creates an imbalance in our psyche and causes dysfunctional behavior of all manner, followed by misery and suffering.

Everything is God. Ego is the shadow of God, and those who live in the darkness of that shadow cannot know God. The conflict, the tension between man’s divinity and man’s ego is what makes possible the royal path to transcendence.

The purpose of the Teacher is to bring you to the presence of God. The Teacher takes you to the innermost part of you, to find your own truth.

Each person is either a slave to the ego or a servant of God. The task of a true Teacher is to enable the pupil to surrender the ego-mind. When you choose to willingly and freely surrender your ego to God, it is an act of great power and courage.

There are three paths to transformation, to higher consciousness, to God. The three paths are silence, ecstasy, and service.

The path of silence is total and complete silencing of the mind. In true meditation, there is nothing, only consciousness. You merge with all, with God. Meditation brings you to that place where each moment is total fulfillment.

The path of ecstasy lies within the heart. True ecstasy is the culmination of all the pleasures. It is a softness that melts the whole being. It is a state of grace.

The path of service consists of good deeds, kind acts, and mainly spiritual service to others. The purpose of service is learning how to transform the most menial tasks into the most sublime, creating an energy of transformation.

The knowledge that what you do inwardly can truly transform what you do outwardly is basic to the Royal Way life. The inward determines the outward.

Whatever you are and wherever you are, you are the cause.

The only way to God is joy, bliss, and pleasure. Gratefully accept God’s pleasures, and learn to be detached from the pleasures. The emptiness, the largeness, that is created through detachment opens up a space, creates a vessel, to receive the grace of transcendence.

Higher being is possible only through celebration of the body. God put the soul into the body. The luminous truth of this enchanting alliance of body and soul is that they are both crucial to our transcendence. The soul is not here to suppress the body but to illuminate it.

All self-condemnation is foolish and counterproductive. Everyone does the best they can. Given their background, their parents, their education, their level of intelligence, they are doing the best they can. Without guilt, without self-condemnation, the natural inclination of our being is to grow and be healthy. So forgive yourself for everything and start fresh.

There is only one law: Do not hurt anyone (including yourself) physically, emotionally, mentally, psychically, or spiritually.

When you are connected to the higher realms, you are aware of the divine process and you trust it completely. You do not want to control anything. You want to flow with everything. If you always want “that which is,” then you always have what you want.

The mind can only operate in the past or the future. As soon as you are truly in the present, the mind is gone. The key to happiness is moving moment to moment with what “is.”

If you cannot love with the mind, how can you worship with the mind? In fact, the mind is the greatest obstacle to worship.

Men and women are different from each other mentally, psychologically, physically, and spiritually. Our being in male or female form is foundational to our purpose on this planet. Our whole purpose on this plane is to uncover those sharply delineated differentnesses, and then unite them within and without.

No one has ever “saved” anyone. You can only save yourself. In the process of saving yourself, your fragrance arises and you may draw others to your energy. Through you, they may then save themselves.

To the human who has awakened to the true reality of his/her existence, death is just another stage. When your identity shifts from body and ego to your divine seed, then death is conquered forever.

Royal Way does not teach love. Royal Way teaches freedom. When we become free, all our shackles and prisons drop away, and our true nature shines forth like a jewel . . . and the essence of that jewel is love . . . pure love.